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Location: Indonesia

Hi! Im Marissa, 25 yo. I Love Art's , Newbie in Cake Decorating..just starting at this year 2013.. Im self taugh.. Im single parent who work and take care of my son by my self. I like making craft and drawing.. When i was kid i wanna be Graphis designer, but after grow i realize that i like cooking and baking too, and i do small f&b bussines until now.. Then i knew cake decorating, im so happy! Becoz my faves become one.. But im still nothing,need to learn more and more...Thanks God i found! Thank you! xx



Goreti ...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my profile. Love your work. Hard to believe that you are new at this. Can’t wait to see more!

Marissa's Sugar & Chocolate Art ...

its my pleasure..yeah its true.. I love drawing since i was kid, its helping me with the visualization and think abstract.. Im still nothing.. U and all masters in here are wonderfull.. Yep i wish that i wouldbe better and better..thank you for ur lovely comment too..