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Location: New Zealand

Sugarcraft addict whose favourite pastime is looking at all your gorgeous cakes! You all inspire me! xoxo

Nina, Make Pretty Cakes, New Zealand,



Radhika ...

Love your cakes! They are so cute!

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Thank you, thank you, Nina! This question was for a long time in my head, because you can’t buy white marshmallows in supermarkets in NZ , they are pink and white. I am going tomorrow shopping, so Warehouse will be my first place to visit! You are my saviour! xoxo

Gulnaz Mitchell ...

Thank you so much, lovely Nina, for stopping by and leaving such a warm message! Appreciate this so much!

Josie Durney ...

Adore your cakes Nina! I’ve been following them on facebook for a while but I thought I’d pop over and follow you on here too now that I’m getting more into Cakes Decor :)