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Location: Boonies in old mining town

I live in an old mining town population 700-800 ( if everyone is here) In Nevada. My husband and I bought the closed mortuary and rebuilt it...doesn't look like one now...but for all the skeletons and eclectic collections we have.
Yes, we do have "visitors" but the main ones just like some fun. I know allot of people don't believe in this and that's o.k.
I have been cooking since I was about 10 and also did art. Watercolor , pencil, oils, murals, sculpting...I guess everything most people want to try until they figure on the thing they really want to do. My problem is I still do all of the above.
I LOVE cakes and other baking . And baking things a bit twisted is my favorite.
My main phrase in anything I do, including cakes is " How far can I go?" I'm not great on wedding or formal cakes at all unless say you want something Gothic or unusual.
I want to LEARN how to do other styles of cakes and to make them out of eatable products Allot to learn.
Does this help to explain me? I'm a conglomeration of Buddhist, Druid and Wicka.