Jumi Cakes

I'm a mum to 2 active kids and also working full-time, so this is my other passion… feeding my artistic creative needs with some sugar, chocolate and cake!

Baking was always something I enjoyed. My mum would always make a birthday cake for my sisters and I – it was always chocolate cake made from scratch with melted chocolate drooling all over the top and sides and either Smarties (like M&Ms) or silver dragees that spelt out our names and age. Ironically, my mum has the least taste buds for sweet food. I grew to love baking and making any sweet dessert just because I wanted to and my dad would be my guaranteed taste tester whether I asked him to or not – I evidently inherited his sweet tooth!

Fast forward many years later, I made my daughter's 1st birthday cake. A cake = carrot cake made with apple sauce and some cream cheese frosting and popped a “1” candle on the top! I then found myself in a cake decorating class after her 2nd birthday to learn the basics and I was hooked! I took up a 2nd job working 4am shifts as a baker (while still working at an office job) and eventually got a cake decorator position. Now based in Singapore and making cakes for my son too, I continue creating cakes for my friends and family, while working full-time. I’m always learning after each creation and despite the long hours it takes to finish a cake, its all worth it at the end!

I’m an artist at heart with a background in art and design so with my devilish taste buds for sweets – especially dark chocolate, it’s a match made in heaven that I get to combine both. I handle everything on my own from start to finish. I take pride in making sure that what I create looks AND tastes great. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my little oasis of art and cake. xxx



Judith und die Torten ...

Nice to meet you here ;-)

Sweet ObsesShan ...

your cakes are awesome, looking forward to seeing more of your work have a blessed day.

Sweet Dreams by Heba ...

Love your work…new follow from me.