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Location: Singapore

I'm a mum to 2 active kids and also working full-time, so this is my other passion… feeding my artistic creative needs with some sugar, chocolate and cake!

Baking was always something I enjoyed. My mum would always make a birthday cake for my sisters and I – it was always chocolate cake made from scratch with melted chocolate drooling all over the top and sides and either Smarties (like M&Ms) or silver dragees that spelt out our names and age. Ironically, my mum has the least taste buds for sweet food. I grew to love baking and making any sweet dessert just because I wanted to and my dad would be my guaranteed taste tester whether I asked him to or not – I evidently inherited his sweet tooth!

Fast forward many years later, I’m in the US with a beautiful daughter in my life. I made her a 1st year birthday cake. A cake = carrot cake made with apple sauce and some cream cheese frosting and popped a “1” candle on the top! I then found myself in a cake decorating class after her 2nd birthday to learn the basics and I was hooked! I took up a 2nd job working 4am shifts as a baker (while still working at an office job) and eventually got the cake decorator position for a huge well-known store in the US. I learnt a lot on working with cream to finish cakes, piping and air brushing. I eventually moved back to Singapore and my son was born. Working full-time again and occasionally creating cakes for my friends and family, it slowly grew and I continue to create these works of yummy art for my friends and family (when I have the time!).

I’m always learning after each creation and have had the privilege to learn some awesome techniques from Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes from London, who specialise solely on buttercream as a medium for decorating (you should check them out if you're there) and I have to say, I love it! I also finished the PME Sugar flowers course, which made me look at the beauty of flowers on a whole other level. They take hours to make but the finished product is gorgeous and they last forever!

I’m an artist at heart with a background in art and design so with my devilish taste buds for sweets – especially dark chocolate, it’s a match made in heaven that I get to combine both. I handle everything on my own from start to finish. I take pride in making sure that what I create looks AND tastes great. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my little oasis of art and cake. xxx

Misato - Jumi Cakes,