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Hi, I am Jacqueline (or just J) - a primarily self-taught cake hobbyist who makes and decorates cakes and other confections for fun, share them with family and friends and blog about them. Visit my blog at www.isugarcoatit.com!

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How I Made My Ranunculus Flowers

RED Red Velvet Cake

I absolutely love red velvet cake and I use this recipe each time I make it. The end product produces a rich, deep red and moist, light texture. The deep red color is achieved using a combination of cocoa rouge and beet juice – it’s how I...



Radhika ...

Hi Jacquee,

Did you manage to get the Carlos Lischetti? I’ve got two copies and can send you one.
I’m in Miami at present, leaving for LA on the 15th. If you want the book, I can mail it to you.

I Sugar Coat It! ...

Hi Radhika,

That is extremely sweet of you! How strange you would ask, as I purchased it about a month ago and yesterday found it on a shelf, still in its box!! Talk about timing!!

Thanks so much for thinking about me. You should hold a giveaway for the extra book…

Hope your visit with your kids went well. Safe travels.


Enza - Sweet-E ...

Hi Jacquee, love your work :) new follow from a fellow Canadian :)