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tutorial photos??

I uploaded a link to a tutorial i have on my facebook page, but michal sent me a message to say that it wasnt allowed and that i had to have the full tutorial on the page, not a link to another site. Ive tried to upload the photos with...

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Natalie King

Cake Photos needed!!!

Hi Everyone! Ive been asked to make a wedding cake for a client who has ideas of what she would like but wants to see some photos to give you a good impression to make sure its the right thing! She wants the bottom tier to be round and covered...

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Natalie King

Really sharp edges on cube cakes???

Hi everyone! I had my first attempt at sharp edges on a round cake yesterday and although it looked ‘ok’ it defiantey needed some practice! Ive been asked to make 3 baby building block cakes for a christening and im scared to death to do it as...

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Natalie King

Completely Fat Free Cake

Hi everyone, I have a customer who needs to order a cake for her son who is allergic to eggs and has a condition that means that he cannot consume any fat of any kind – oil, butter, margarine etc – does anyone have any recipes for completely fat...

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Natalie King

Cake Decorator of the Week

Hi Everyone, I just wondered how the cake decorator of the week is chosen, does anyone know? I am by no means hinting that it should be me by the way! I just wondered lol! x

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Natalie King

Red Velvet Recipe please!

Hi All, Ive been asked to make a 10" square red velvet cake and the recipe i have only really works for cupcakes. Does anyone have a good recipe that i could use for a cake of this size? Im in the UK so we don’t have cake flour like you have in...

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Natalie King

Upside down photos!?

Hi everyone! I’m new to cakes, but I love it already! I’ve uploaded my first cake pic but it’s sideways instead of the right way up? It’s the same photo that I uploaded into my website and Facebook page without any problem? I tried...