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Pricing! Help!

I’m just starting out selling my cakes but I find it so difficult to charge people! I try to figure how much fondant is needed and my work but since I’m just starting out and my work still has some flaws in it, well I think people will think I’m...

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Five tier cake!

I was asked to do a five tier enchanted forest cake! My first three tier cake didn’t go so well but I corrected my mistakes and have had success with my tier cakes. Now a five tier cake will be a challenge. My question is, do I assemble it...

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Fondant cracking and fondant sagging

Can someone please help! I’m self taught and I just had my first disaster. Well to be honest, two in one day. I made my first three tier cake and when I delivered it, the bottom cake looked horrible! It looked smashed! I put supports in each tier...