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Location: Stirling, Ontario, Canada

Hello from Canada! My cake shop, Cakes by Erin, is located in a tiny village in Southern Ontario. I specialize in peanut-free cake and cupcakes (bad allergy around here) for weddings, and other important events. My favourite decorating technique is creating figures with gumpaste. I hope to update on a regular basis, but as life gets busy at times...we'll see!

Erin, Ontario, Canada,



jchuck ...

Your cakes are lovely Erin. And your gumpaste figures are wonderful. I am also Canadian. Hail from Burlington On. Are you also a member of CCDG??

jchuck ...

Oh….. by the way Happy Canada Day!!!! :o)

Erin Schaafsma ...

Hi jchuck! Happy Canada Day! We drove by Burlington just last weekend. I am a member of CCDG – haven’t checked over in awhile. Popping over to your profile in a sec. Glad to “meet” you!