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Party Hat Tutorial

Before you start making the party hat you need to print out the template on card stock and cut it out. Save it on your computer and with the printer settings or just pasting it in a program, you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the...

Reading glasses with gelatin lenses tutorial

Thank you so much for taking time to follow my tutorial. I decided to make this tutorial because I have heard a lot of people complaining how hard gelatin is to work with. Hopefully I will be able to help someone out there. This is my first...

Balancing Cake Trends with Timeless Traditional Designs:

The explosion of cake and cookie designs have opened a door of beauty and individualism. Hand painted cakes and cookies are no exception; they have been gradually .. </iframe For more information visit »

Spring Fondant Frill Mini Cake with Sugar Pansy Spray

I realize the world’s most famous weather forecaster, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow and declared six more weeks of Winter. I however refuse to except that forecast! This winter has been insane, with my daughter’s university shutting down...

Freesia flower tutorial

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How i make river rocks out of fondant.

Hello, this video how i make river rocks out of fondant. Also chocolate and gumpaste can be used. TFL.

Whimsical Christmas Tree Cupcakes

I can remember watching Dr.Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” every December since I was little. The 1957 book was adapted into a short film during the 1960′s. It alway mesmerized me, these cupcake where inspired by The Grinch. You...

Pansy flower

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Bonus Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level: Adding the Calyx and Rose Hip

I you on the previous post “Take Your Sugar Rose to Ultimate Level with wired Petals” to add a bonus video: adding calyx and rose hips. Generally in a finished spray the calyx and rose hips are only sightly visible on an open rose or a fully...

How to make orchid flower out of fondant or gum paste.

This video how i make orchid flower. TFL.