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Sugar Peace Rose tutorial finally available!

I have been asked by people all over the world to share how I make a freeform Rose. I have finally after months of trying to fit this in in the wee hours complied the professional photos I had taken into a 40 page step by step PDF tutorial....

Sugar Flowers - Japanese Peony

I love this Japanese peony which I learnt it from Naomi Yamamoto from Japan. I re-do it in pink colour!

Easiest Rose Ever adding texture

So here is instruction how to add some texture when you create roses using FMM cutter for Easiest Rose Ever. This one is on Bulgarian, but soon will make the English version as well. Hope you will like it.

Flower Paste Heirloom English Rose Spray

It has been a while since I shared a tutorial, I think this is perfect for Autumn! Heirloom English Rose are the Rolls Royce of roses they are beyond lovely. The alluring beauty of these majestic roses inspired me to create, in flower paste,...

How to make a Quick&Simple Fondant Rose !

Hi guys , i recently made a tutorial on how to make a quick and simple fondant rose for cupcake toppers ! I hope you all enjoy it and please subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with more tutorials :) TUTORIAL BELOW:

Sugar Flowers by Frances #2: Wired Sugar Freesia

Here’s my latest free video tutorial; Wired Sugar Freesia by Frances McNaughton, using the FranklySweet cutters "":

Pasteles de ensueño 7


3D cloud cake - little tutorial

Hello everyone, The specification of my child was very simple: colorful and with a rainbow. Certainly I could have finished a simple design with rainbow colors and some clouds on it. But since I had the idea to try my hand at a 3D cake again,...

3D Star Tutorial

This is my very first tutorial ever, so hopefully it isn’t too terrible. I’ve had a few people ask me how I made my 3D looking stars so I figured I put together a little picture tutorial for those who may be interested. You can check it out here:...

gumpaste wisteria #3: taping together the spray (video)

Hi all! Just to let you know the third and final part of the wisteria tutorial is up on YouTube now – taping together the spray. It was more fiddly than I expected to work with the camera in between my hands so the frame position was a bit...