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Little Lamb modelling tutorial

Use fondant/gumpaste throughout 1. Shape large teardrop of white 2. Shape 1 long and 2 shorter pink legs 3. Use tool to mark leg and feet lines 4. Adhere legs to body 5. Using extruder, create long thin white ‘spaghetti’ and roll these...

How to make a gumpast Daisy

How to make a gumpast Daisy by using mix and much cutters and veinrs

Spotlight in Cake Magazine UK April 2015

I’m so thrilled that I had the opportunity of being a spotlight article in the Cake Masters Magazine this April 2015. I hope you get a chance to read it. I was so thrilled to share my Cakelustration process. I am looking forward so someday...

Mini Easter Egg Cuties Tutorial

Easter is fast approaching and we thought it would be nice to post this simple little Egg tutorial we did last year. Hope everyone enjoys it!!!

Parrot Tulip Tutorial (Gumpaste Flower)

I have created a new tutorial for the Parrot Tulip. I hope you enjoy it. Lots of love! Christine xxx

Holiday Tutorial Series #2: Poinsettia Flower Tutorial

Hi Everyone here is my latest Holiday Tutorial. This tutorial gives you step by step instruction on how to make a Fondant/Gumpaste poinsettia. There is also a 3D Cookie Lantern Tutorial available through my website. Link to the trailer will be...

Easy x-mas reindeer

An easy tutorial for this x-mas :)

Gumpaste Hydrangea Flower Tutorial

Welcome to this video tutorial on how I create my gumpaste hydrangea flowers. If you’re adding flowers to a cake these look great on their own or as part of a floral decoration. I love adding them alongside roses and peonies. I really hope you...

Gumpaste figures tutorials #4: Little Kingdom Mrs. Witch figure tutorial

Today, I’ll continue with my Little Kingdom tutorials, it’s time for Mrs. Witch! Make head, it is a bit egg-like shaped. Make a large nose and attach it on Mrs. Witch’s head. Make the body. She’s a bit crook backed. Make arms...

Gumpaste figures tutorials #3: Digger cake topper tutorial

Here is one easy, step by step tutorial for gumpaste digger. Prepare yellow, grey, black and orange gumpaste. First, make the body of a digger. Then, do the wheels. I usually make them all black and than add...