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How to make your own piping bag quick and easy video tutorial

Really quick and easy video on making your own piping bag. One of the first videos I made on Youtube :)

Miniature cake topper - tutorial

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Miniature love heart in a plant pot video tutorial :)

Painted Fondant: Simple Roses

To create shabby looking roses quite easily, I find this technique of simple strokes to create that desired look to cakes and confections to work out great! I posted the steps on my blog: ...

how to make red fondant lips out from mustache cutter !

Simple , easy , fast :)

My First Blog Entry on Cakes Decor!

I am feeling pretty ignorant right now! I just discovered the blog feature! Well, let’s see if I figure out a fun way to enjoy this! I think I will begin with my newfound love for simple, textured Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It just looks so...

Easy Monogram Template Tutorial

Monograms have been a big trend with wedding cakes now for a couple of years. I do at least one or two monograms a month. I have several different methods I use, but this will be my new “easy monogram” method. And I must confess that I been...