CakesDecor Recipes Contest #1: Announcement

After successful Tutorials Contest we decided to do a similar Recipes Contest with a chance to win our T-shirts.

How to enter?

  • It’s easy as everything else on our site – post a recipe on and you are entered.

When is the Deadline

  • All recipes posted before May 17, 11:59Am EST take part in the contest.

What you can win?

  1. Every week we will do a random drawing (4/26, 5/3, 5/10) from all recipes and the winner wins our stylish T-shirt.
  2. At the end of the contest, on May 17, the author of the recipe with the highest score (secret formula that takes faves, comments and views into account) will get these prizes:
    1. Our stylish T-shirt
    2. The winning recipe will be featured on the “home page banner” for 15 days, with a link to the winning recipe.

Note: Each recipe has to be “complete” – meaning that the recipe should be adequate instruction for someone to recreate your process from start to finish. You can add a link to the recipe on your website, however, recipes that contains just few steps and are linked to “the rest of the recipe” will be removed.
The recipes posted before, are entered in the contest as well.

Check out recipes that were posted already.

Have fun! I’m looking forward to see first recipes! ;)

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