Logo Design #1: Why is it so hard to create a logo

Ive sat down many time at the computer or with a pad and pencil trying to create a logo for my cake business.
How hard can it be really, well quite hard.
I find it easier to create a wedding cake then to design a logo.

So today i finally bit the bullet and sat down all day creating a logo, ive not just created one but 6.
I will give them to my very supportive outspoken honest hubby who will then tell me what is rubbish and what is good.
Other wise it will be another full day sitting at the computer doing the same ole.
i cannot come to paying someone hundreds of dollars to maybe create an ok logo.
How many of you have had the same problem

Will let you know how i go , fingers crossed. until then by for now.


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kmac ...

I sent you a private message

Lisa Barnett ...

I know how you feel, it took me ages to come up with a name, and then to come up with a logo design has to be one of the hardest design jobs I’ve ever done ;) With a Graphics background I couldn’t wait to get started but I now realise its so much easier designing for others than for yourself, good luck and can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.