Moist cakes and cake desing #1: Cake design applied to a black forest cake. My Harley motorbike cake.

My two brothers in law (one France and the other in Venezuela) and I celebrate our birthday the same day! If we were all in the same country, imagine the big party! Well I and Thomas, my French brother in law usually celebrates together with two French pastry cakes, so really moist cakes.

I wanted a 3D 100% chocolate bear cake, but obviously, Thomas likes better moist cakes, he adores black forest one. And he loves motor bikes, especially Harley’s! So I was really difficult to make one cake to please both of us. Besides, here in France covering a moist cake, with whipped cream and fruits is THE thing not to do! Not even imagine to do! People would be really mad if they know you do such a thing!

But I like to do what I want! So I decided to do my 3D bear cake and a black forest motorbike theme cake for him. Take a look here

I can imagine everyone disapproving and staring, oh my!!! They’re going to send me cake-design police!!! Oh come on! Relax, I present you my invention, can’t find a good name to it: THE cake bell? And also, it’s kind of pretentious; maybe someone has already done this!!! Let’s say this is just the way I manage to cover and decorate my black forest cake. Taratataaaaa

It’s sort of a bell made out of modelling chocolate made and decorated as a cake and just place over a moist cake covered in whipped cream. You can take it of once you’re ready to eat your cake. The advantage is that you can make it long before your cake (so that the D day, decorating is not a problem). You can place it on the fridge and you’re not even force to eat it (althought it’s 100% edible, you can avoid the sugar surplus). But the main thing: I managed to cover a real moist cake no risks!

Tecnique needs to be perfectioned but it’s a start! And I hope it will bring some progress to the way we think about cake design covering and all types of cake, at least I know now that if I want to cover a cake which has whipped cream inside, I can!

Ideas, comment and advices are welcome!


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  • Part 1: Cake design applied to a black forest cake. My Harley motorbike cake.

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MsGF ...

Very clever. A neat idea.

Isis Patiss'Cake ...

thank you MsGF ;)

Just looked at your site! love your bunny cake! I’ve never done gluten free cakes but it’s on my To Do list ;)