My first carved cake 50th birthday cake

This was a cake that I was scared to make.
I’ve never made a number cake by carving but thought I’d have a go.
The only thing was the date had been brought forward a week argh!
I research and found a brilliant plan for what cakes were needed for number cakes and started baking
The cakes were cooked and cooled it was time to cut into the 5 and 0
The zero was fine and looked like the diagram but the number 50 didn’t look right so I called on Mr Kirstie’s cakes for advise.
He realised straight away that the top panel needed cutting down, I did it straight away and it worked
I crumb coated it all and left to set.
Now came the scarey part “icing it”
I had messaged alot of Facebook pages asking for advise and all were really helpful with all advise on board I set about the scarey task.
I started with the zero and could t believe it when I had done it :0)
Next came the 5 a little more tricky but I managed that too I felt so relieved and proud.
I had planned a totally different front than the cake I made but didn’t have time to make the 100 roses need so sugar paste and a flower plunger it was.
The cake was finished and left my care I later received a message saying it was beautiful thank you and learned the lady cried when it was brought out.
Again I got a fuzzy feeling I’ve never known before, making and planning a cake enjoying doing it and this was the reward making someone happy :0)

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)


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