The Heart Of A Cake Foundation #1: 181 likes WOW

Wow, my The Heart Of A Cake Foundation (The Heart Of a Cake Foundation )went from 70 to 181 likes in just one day.
People want to help me with donating stuff, so I can make more kids happy with a cake.

And today 3 family’s are signed in for a cake.
One does not have the money to buy a cake for her little daughter.
One has a very sick child etc.

it breaks my heart, but i’m glad that I can help them.

Now back to the kitchen to make Sponge Bob cupcakes for my nephew and niece who are a bit jalous. I love children soooo much. I can’t help it. Wish I was rich so I could help them ALL…

Thanks for reading

Kind regards
Emine Pazan

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