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A common situation in most overseas airports used to be Indians on their toes, shopping at the duty free stores and filling all the space that remained in their over-packed bags with chocolates for all their numerous friends and relatives back home.Like every other Indian girl, the arrival of those typical “Trolley Cases”(a birthmark of an overseas voyage) used to make me prance around for weeks together. I used to long for those " Foreign Chocolate boxes" that anyone traveling abroad brought back. I used to keep it frozen for days and devouer those flavors until the last morsel.
Things have changed largely today, with all the globalization, development and up gradation of technology and transport. All those typical chocolates and goodies that were uniquely foreign have now invaded the Indian market. But even with all those developments, the craving in every Indians hear, young or old( especially mine) for those “Ferrero Rochers” or “Kisses” stays the same.
This feeling mixed with nostalgia from my childhood days where i craved for those exotic sweets that i consumed under cover for fear of invasion by my counterparts has inspired me in kick starting my enterprise " The Pastry Boutique"- An enterprise that is truly global in its use of ingredients and flavors. It is a passion I’ve made my profession, which makes me want to relive everyday, use my oven a little bit more and totally enjoy work.
I believe that every baker ought to be referred to as a scientist for all those amazing discoveries and inventions with just the simple combination of eggs, flour, sugar and a little flavor. From the humble vanilla to the exotic rum based cakes, it is all in the hands of those baking gods to satisfy a sweet deprived belly.
So bake away guys and continue serving those craving souls for nothing can really go wrong with flour, sugar and the eggs.
Thanks for reading!!!
“The Pastry Boutique.”

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