How to line your cake pans with greaseproof paper

I have had a few personal messages on my facebook account on how I lined my cake pans for the carrot cake, I thought this is how everyone did it, but here goes for those who would like to know :-)
I never bake a cake without lining the pan as I don’t like a crusty dry edge to my cakes

Using a pencil trace around your pan on greaseproof or baking paper, then cut out shape and set aside

now cut 3-4 strips long enough to line the edges with atleast 2inch overlap at each join, will need to be high enough go above your pan with an inch spare to fold

fold one edge of the paper about 1 inch and crease well

using scissors cut in about 1/2 inch cuts into the crease

to look like this :-)

Spray your tin so paper sticks, I use Bakels Sprink but any cooking spray will work

place the first piece of greaseproof so the folded edge is into the courner of your pan the cuts allow it to smoothly fit

spray in between each addition of greaseproof so they stick together

spray again then add the shape you cut out earlier to the bottom of your tin & spray again

Done…now you’re ready to bake…YAY this will work for any shaped flat bottomed pan

Now if you’re going to ask how to line a Dolly varden or ball shape I cut long thin triangles overlapping to fit the shape spraying lightly between each addition

Jo, NZ,


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DeliciaDesigns ...

Thank you for sharing Jo!

Ciccio ...

Thanks Tatiana :-)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Thanks Jo!!! xxx

MIKA ...

I honestly don’t think ANYBODY lines their pans this way, I know I didn’t…….BUT I SURE WILL NOW!!! And now, I really must go back through back ALL of your blogs to see what I’ve been missing! Oh! This is going to help me be such a better baker! Thank you!!!

Ciccio ...

Thanks Mika, I was taught this when I trained as a pastry Chef, isn’t it amazing what we assume :-)

Jason Robinson ...

Thank you Jo for sharing I was struggling with this, where did you train? haven’t taught us this at Tech

Ciccio ...

I started my training at Otago Polytechnic as a Chef with an amazing Chef Jim Byars who now own & runs The Friday Shop (Highgate Bridge Bakery) only open 1 day a week and sells out so quickly, he trained with Anton Mosimann & Albert Roux so we learnt the proper way of doing things

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada ...

Thank you for sharing. : )

TooTTiFruiTTi ...

This is the way I was taught to line a cake tin. I also do the same for a ball tin as you. Thank you for sharing, I gather by the responses that not many people do this.

Ciccio ...

Thanks Cake Creations and TooTTiFruitti

Jason Robinson ...

Maybe I should be training in Otago, does he still teach?

Ciccio ...

No Kiwicakebloke he no longer teaches which is a shame as he was AWESOME, you don’t have to worry that maybe you should be training in Otago, try hard where you are currently training & experiment the most important thing in learning is to just give things a try, don’t be worried you might fail, we cannot learn our true ability unless we accept that we may fail & what we do about it, I personally take risks all the time in developing new recipes for cakes etc ( I can’t follow someone else recipe I get bored)… it might work it might not…it doesn’t matter I just keep making the ones that are amazing, but I would not have known unless I was prepared to fail every now and then…I hope that helps and I didn’t get to Yoda on you

KalidaArndellGumbs ...

Great! Thanks for sharing.