New beginnings #17: New toys

These are a few of my new toys.
The scales were an in expected Xmas present, I hadn’t even got around to looking for a new pair myself.
I am over the moon with them, they even measure liquid which is brilliant for measuring my water accurate for sugarveil.
My daughter bought me the 2 little tea pot cutters I thought they would look lovely at school coffee mornings in 2013
And last is my A3 10L storage box I’ve got 2 of these from staples which are going to live ontop of my fridge in the kitchen for my sugarveil sheets to go in while I’m making them to set, it means they will stay dust free and prevent anything going near them.
I was going to get a stackable 3 tiered cooling rack but couldn’t find one big enough so 10 minutes on google and staples came to the rescue.

Tags: staples sugarveil scales liquid storage cutters tea pot boxes

Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Michal Bulla ...

Congrats to your new toys ;)