Tutorial #15: Hot Wheel 3D Cake by Verusca Walker

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I started with the structure. Very similar with my donut cake but this time I use wood.
9" round cake – 12mm thick wood board and 2 small brackets because I didn’t want to see the brackets on the outside of the cake. I want my cake to be almost like floating on the board.
+ by using wood I can demonstrate that it is an strong structure and you can enlarge it to many sizes.

I add the half styrofoam at the bottom for gravity purpose.

And a cake board to protect the cake

Ganache it

Add fondant


and decorations

Biscuts (mini wheels)

watch my formula 1 for full tutorial on whells

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Iva Halacheva ...

Thanks for sharing!

Clara ...

Gorgeous, Verusca!
Thank you for sharing!

Cakes and toppers by Raquel ...

Wow…thank you for sharing.

The Garden Baker ...

Thank you. Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought to put the board vertically between the 2 halves of the cake.

Sweet Dreams by Heba ...

Awesome! :) thanks for showing us how.

My Sweet World - Elena ...

Thank you for sharing, Verusca!

CakeHeaven by Marlene ...


DDelev ...

Thanks for sharing!

Tortolandia ...

Thank you for sharing!!! Perfect!!!

Sandra Smiley ...

This is simply fascinating, Verusca! Thank you so much for sharing!

Antonia Lazarova ...

Great! Thanks for sharing!🌹🌹🌹

Elli Warren ...

Looks fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing!! :-) x

Verusca Walker ...

Hi Garden Baker I already done it with my Donut Cake

Lallacakes ...

Fabulous!!! Thanks so so much for sharing!!!❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨

Calli Creations ...

Brilliant design and love the tutorial. Thank you Verusca!