PAINTED CAKES and Sugar Flowers #2: PAINTED Magnolia Cake: Tip Demo

Here we go, posting my first entry from yesterday 1/3 for this cake !

FAO admins , if I’ve double posted this one somewhere, please remove the bad copy, I’m just trying to find my ropes for this site, and want my 3 videos of these series to be, vaguely in the same place, so if anyone wants to make something along these lines, they can have access to all three.


Tags: painted cakes panted magnolia cake painting cakes cake trends painting cakes wantercolour effect painting magnolia flower perfect birthday cake modern cakes modern cake trends magnolia cake tutorial painted cake demo how to paint a cake

Christina Wallis

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Gâteau de Luciné ...

Wow, so BEAUTIFUL, your are Great ARTIST, thank you for this vidéo.


You’re welcome! You are my first COMMENT, thank you, VERY exciting :)

Loan Phan ...

So pretty, thank you for sharing the video x

Sweet pear ...

Class !!!!!!!!! Cheers have a Russian translation !!!! Kaka I’ve been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Generally, I look at Youtube and if there isn’t much of what I’m trying to do in a video already there in Russian, I translate, if there are people doing what I’m trying to do better, I just keep it in in English :) :) :) / Я обычто перевожу на Русский если немного похожих видео на русском там нахожу , и обычто молчу в тряпочку если кто то на Русском уже лучше меня в том и том то справился :) х