Homemade cupcake stand tutorial

Tools I used to help make the stand

I used 12inch, 10inch and 8inch cake boards! You can get these in all different colours check with your local stockists or check online! they are a little more expensive than the silver ones but these fitted in with my fire engine theme :)

I used some already coloured red fondant, and coloured some white fondant to make yellow and I mixed some yellow with a little bit of red to get an orange colour

I used 8inch & 6inch cake dummies to go in between the cake boards! I used my pastry brush and brushed the outside of the dummies with water to make the fondant stick to it! I rolled out some yellow fondant into two strips and covered the outside of the dummies! No need to cover the tops as you won’t see them!

I dusted my work surface with a little bit of icing sugar and rolled out some red fondant into a sausage shape.

I then rolled it out (not too thick)

I then used my pizza cutter or you could just use a knife across the bottom of the fondant leaving the top part wavy

I used a knife to cut out ‘flames’ to go all around the cake dummies

Brush the ‘flames’ with a little bit of edible glue or water will be fine

attach the ‘flames’ around the cake dummies! If you get some icing sugar on the fondant as I did in the pic, just dab a tiny bit of water on it using your finger :)

repeat the process all the way round!

Do exactly the same with the yellow and orange over lap a few! I also used my cake smoother and gently smoothed over the flames with a upwards motion

Use some really good strong super glue and glue the cake dummy to the 12inch board! You can measure it if you want to get it directly in the centre but I just guessed and it turned out fine! :P add some super glue on top of the cake dummy and add the 10inch cake drum, repeat the process for the next dummy and cake board!

Then here it is! I made this for fire engine themed cupcakes Iv’e got coming up but you could make the dummys any colours or add any them, even extra tiers for more cupcakes! :)

These are the cupcake cases I will be using!

Thanks for looking :) x


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Clever, thanks!