Disaster strikes #1: Wish me Luck

I love my job and would happily do it for free. Well actually there have been many times over the last few years when it almost has been but knowing it was a for a higher purpose, made it a no brainer. Should I make these 400 macarons for a new up and coming designer for her after party at the Spring/Summer Fashion Show?. Should I make them for free in return for advertising and inclusion in the “Goody Bags”?? Sure why not……I have nothing better to do with my time, whilst looking after 4 kids……. Its also these moments that make me take a step back and say “How did I get here?” I think it has a lot do with hard work and dedication, working for free and being in the right place and the right (or sometimes wrong) time……..

I love that feeling when you stop and take a look around and say to yourself “How did I get here?” Perhaps I have the opportunity to experience these feelings more than some, because of the people I associate with, the certain groups I belong to or my job??

Over the years Baton Twirling has taken me to places and that feeling several times over…….. twirling at the Rugby Leauge, and AFL Grand Finals and running into several famous people, twirling at the Start of the then James Hardie 1000 and being allowed up the front, pressed against the fence and experiencing the absolute deafening roar of the start of the race. Performing Live on the set of “Live and Sweaty” with Andrew Denton, filming a commercial, performing in a show for one of our favourite Choreographers Paul, in an inner city studio crammed with people and most recently being part of breaking a Guinness World Record for Fire Twirling.

Cake has started to send me to that place recently too :) making the celebration cake for Funniest Home Videos 21st Birthday celebrations (although I had did have to accept that they would announce it was Julie from Materchef who made the cake), filming an episode of “Ready Steady Cook” (still to be aired) and have them talk about my cakes, delivering one of my cakes to the studio, to be on the Kerrie Anne Kennerly Show, shooting a print add for Getting Aussie Business Online featuring ME and my cakes and now today, being flown to Melbourne to work on a Shoot for a Myer Catalogue, advertising cake decorating equipment to be sold in store……..

As is the general theme of my blog, I could tell you of the disasters that went along with those “moments”. From being asked by Craig McLachlan where the toilets were and staring at him dumbfounded without answering, to at 16 years of age, falling down the hill at the Football in front of hundreds of boys, dressed only in a leotard, a baton and very little dignity!! What about asking the producer from the Kerrie Anne show what time hair and make up was only to be told there was a misunderstanding and it was only my CAKE that would be going on the show!!!!

I have spent the latter part of this Sunday on my own and wandering along Acland St in St Kilda, drinking coffee and taking photos of cakes and other fancies, mentally preparing myself for the task ahead.

Cross your fingers for me that the next two days will run smoothly and it will be one of the moments I step back and say “how did I get here?” and NOT “Oh God , how did that happen!”

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Michal Bulla ...

Crossing fingers…good luck ;)

Fifi's Cakes ...

Ha! what a giggle! You write very well and should be a cakey columnist!! Loving the history here. Baton Twirling hey?? wow! Well good luck, is all I can say. I look forward to reading your follow up!

btw… my cake finance balance is permanently sub zero. Seems to be a caker’s way :0). We do it for the love of it really.

Veenas Art of Cakes ...

Good luck… what ever the outcome.. Be strong..

Nadia French ...

Thanks for your wishes of Good Luck – I survived it ….. post to follow :)