Sunday - Ganache

Todays cake started with a 9" madeira, what followed next was nothing short of miraculous. My lovely friend Nylah has been singing the praises of ganache over buttercream for a while now and so I thought I would give it a go.
So, 900g of white chocolate and 300ml of boiling cream whipped together off the heat and there it was, the perfect medium for covering a cake. I filled the cake and then spread the remainder over the top and sides and got to work with my palette knife smoothing and shaping and making sure to remove lumps and bumps and in no time at all I had a smooth cake…not only that but it had edges so sharp I could almost cut myself.
The excitement overtook me and I started singing the virtues all over my cake group wall, answering question after question and feeling the love as I went. I never knew white chocolate ganache could make a person so happy.
Anyway, I left the ganache to set and returned a few hours later after taking eldest son to rugby and again stood and marvelled at my bog standard madeira beautifully covered with heavenly white chocolate ganache for much longer than I should have.
Then, I took out my The Mat and started kneading away at the sugarpaste, I cannot praise the Mat enough, its simplicity and the finish make it one of my very best buys…anyway I digress…I was making a red Minnie Mouse cake so was considering how much red extra to use when I was struck by a thought…how much easier would it be to airbrush the colour? I carried on kneading the white and covered the cake, the edges on the cake from the ganache coat underneath were awesome, I really couldn’t take my eyes off them!
I got out my Dinkydoodles airbrush which I won in one of Dawn Butlers amazing giveaways and I started to paint, I am always excited when I use the airbrush, my cakes transform in front of my eyes and I always feel so satisfied once they are finished…but again I am waffling on….the red “paint” was going on perfectly! So I thought, shall I risk colouring Minnies face? So I did and I was in awe of the colour! The rest of the decoration was childsplay!
This was one of the easiest cakes I have ever made, I loved every second of it and I loved the comments from my lovely customer. RIP Buttercream, ganache is here to stay!!!



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Jo Waterman ...

Great start to the world of blogging. I’d say you’re a natural! x

Nikskakes ...

Love it! Cant wait to the see the next instalment from Gemma’s Cakes x

Laura Young ...

My name is Laura…… and I am a ganacher……it has been 26hrs since my last ganache…

Love the stuff, great blog, x