How to use CLICKSTIX letter cutters (my way)

ClICKSTIX is one of my favorite tool but just like every other tools I have, I was faced with a big “uh-uh” moment when I first used it. I am not one to give up specially on something I had set my heart on to so I experimented on various ways to effectively use it.

Here’s my very effective way of using my CLICKSTIX letter cutters.

Enjoy and happy caking :)

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Priscilla ...

Michelle ...

Thank you so much for posting your method of using clixstix! I have always just pushed them down into the fondant which worked, but not as nicely as your video. Tried it today and loved it! You made my day!!!

couturecakesbyrose ...

@Michelle, Thank you my dear :) those little extra steps helped a lot :) my hubby said I always find a few extra steps to make some things work just a little bit better..

@MiVidaSweets, thanks hun :)

Jo Tan ...

Thank you I agree with Michelle, it worked the other way but your way makes alot of difference!

couturecakesbyrose ...

@Scrumptiousjo, Thank you Jo :) I was frustrated with my clickstix initially because I couldn’t attain a very clean cut but now I love it :)