Hello everyone just wanted to warn everyone of people emailing with outrageous cake orders to try and run a scam. Back in October 2011 I received a voice message from a women who wanted to order a wedding cake for 300 guest and was willing to spare no expense on the cake. When I emailed her he informed me that the cake would be picked up by a carrier service and she would pay me extra for sending the payment to the shipping company. Well once I told her the price of the cake which was more then $1,000 se gave me the go ahead to charge her credit card. We emailed back and forth for a long time. Well long story short I was scammed out of more then $2,000 which I had to pay back to whom ever the credit card belonged to. The reason for the blog is to advice everyone to be aware of these insane emails. I received another email just a few weeks ago for 500 cupcakes with a similar sinario as the previous one. Once I informed them that I don’t take credit cards via email ad told them they would have to show proof of identification or I could invoice them though PayPal they never replied back. Just today I recieved yet another similar email this time for a wedding are for 300 guest and I’m really tired of these rediculous emails and just wanted to let you all know to be extra careful!!!

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Ann-Marie Youngblood ...

Thanks For the Heads up! I am so sorry this happened to you! =( I hope you have reported it to the Police!

Sarah F ...

Oh wow that stinks!! We used to have people do that at my work, they’d ask for large orders at the restaurant to be picked up (usually $500-$2000 worth of food) but that someone else would pick it up, they could pay online, etc. Thankfully we never believed it but its great of you to let people know!

It's a Cake Thing ...

Funny you mention this as I have received several messages like this over the last few months. Even more strange ones where people do not mention their name or number and only want contact via email. I told one person that I was booked and they were willing to change the date to two weeks later just so I could make their order. I thought that was just a little odd given this “BIG event for 150 people” would be able to be switched over so quickly. Seriously? Who changes the venue, invites, notifies 150 people the date is changed just because the cake decorator couldn’t accomodate the initial date?

I say: ALWAYS trust your GUT INSTINCTS…..if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

It's a Cake Thing ...

HERE’s an example of one I received not too long ago:
My name is ……. how are you doing today.i will be glad to i will like to order for Cupcakes vanilla flavors on 14th of july by 2pm prompt is for my grandmother birthday and will be pickup,2 piece per person and it for 300 people at the event and i will send down a private driver with truck to your location for the pickup of the cakes on the event day by 2pm so i need your restaurant address for the pickup of the foods so i will like you to calculate all together so that i can give you my credit card information right now to run for upfront and i will send down a private driver to your location for the pickup on the event day and please kindly let me know the major credit card that you accept for payment as soon as possible . . i will be looking forward to hear from you any moment from now . till i hear from you remain bless and have a nice day.

When I responded that I was booked ( In this instance I was fully booked) Their response was “can I pick another day?”..this was sent to me two weeks before the actual event ( for 300 people)….
Fraud?? I would think so!

Be careful…
@evelynsbakers…sorry that happened to you. There are bad people out there trying all sorts of scams…good on you for mentioning it here…

Evelyn Vargas ...

Hello everyone yes it was definitely a learning experience for me and taught me to be more mindful of fraudulent clients. I won’t be making that mistake again. When I receive those types of emails I tell them that the authorities are tracing the email and will find out who is attempting to scam people. It really helps and they don’t contact me again. I am glad I can help others with this blog and I don’t want to see it happen to anyone else.