CakesDecor Awards: Gravity Defying Cakes #2: Call For Entries

Entry period of the CakesDecor Awards – Gravity Defying Cakes is now officially open and will close on October 24.

Theme: Gravity Defying Cakes

What’s not to love about a cake that defies gravity? The imagination that goes into this theme is really amazing! Did you make Gravity Defying cake or are you planning to make one? Be sure to submit your entry to our Awards for a chance to win special prizes.

Don’t hesitate to submit your gravity defying cake for a chance to win.

Good luck and have fun!

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Vanilla cake boutique ...

Hi Michal, I was wrong to put the cake in CakesDecor Awards. How do I delete it and to put that right? Thank you

Michal Bulla ...

mariagrazia tota: we removed your cake from awards.

Vanilla cake boutique ...

Thank you Michal!!!! :)

kiwee83 ...

Do I submit my cake here? I’m a bit lost.

Michal Bulla ...

Hey kiwee83: First you have to add a cake – you can do it by clicking on the “+Add” link located on the top right of the website or click on the “+New Cake” on the cakes page. Once your first cake is approved, there are 2 links to the Awards page in the content of this Blog entry or you can find a link to Awards on the top of the website(pink text on the dark background stripe).

I hope this helps.