Sporty Cupcakes #2: Lifesize Tennis Ball Cupcake

Step 1 – Baking and Preparation

NOTE – use a firm sponge (e.g. Madeira) for the tops.

Bake half-sphere cakes (sized to match cupcake base). Once cooled, return to tray, trim level to create flat base. Turn out onto a new cake board or clean work surface.

Bake corresponding quantity of cupcakes. Once cooled, trim the top flat and cover to prevent drying out.

Step 2

Buttercream the domed surface of the half-sphere cake in preparation for covering with sugarpaste (fondant).

Roll out white paste to 3mm thickness, cut a large circle and apply to buttercreamed half-sphere. Smooth paste as needed, neatly trimming away any excess.

Roll out yellow paste, cut another circle and make the additional cuts with a cutting wheel as shown in photo.

Step 3

Carefully dampen the white paste and firstly position the yellow centre section – gently smooth to uniform a shape.

Next add the yellow side pieces, leaving a small gap either side of the centre section to form the white seams.

Smooth and trim base as necessary.

Step 4

Gently stipple the yellow sugarpaste (fondant) with a toothbrush (new or kept solely for sugarcraft use!) then use a dry paintbrush to tidy the seams to a uniform size.

Buttercream the surface of your trimmed cupcake and apply the ball top. If desired, you can then place the cupcake in a second decorative cupcake wrapper.

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Allways Julez ...

Simple, but so effective!

Mandy's Sugarcraft ...

Thank you Allways x

SugarMagicCakes (Christine) ...

Thanks for sharing xx

Mandy's Sugarcraft ...

My pleasure x