Advice on customer requests?

Hi. I’m hoping someone can offer me some help and advice please?

Customer has provided me with photos for elements and personalisation for the cake, which is fine. However they are asking for updates and progress photos along the way, is this normal? I’ve only ever just produced completed cake at end. Any advice and words of wisdom appreciated.

Thanks x

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Allways Julez ...

Maybe they are worried about how their ideas will come together. If you have to handcraft a topper, maybe a pic of the finished elements, as you progress, will satisfy them?

Mandy ...

I agree, if possible send them a photo of the topper, but I have never had to send photos partway through making a cake. Just reassure them that you are taking their wishes and photos into account and hopefully they will be okay.

DebsDuckCakes ...

Thanks Julez and Mandy. Appreciate your advice, I’ll do that x

MsGF ...

Tell them this is not your standard practice, and stopping your work to take photos all the time takes away from the valuable time you have to work on their cake. It will impede the decorating process and they will not receive your best work with constant interruptions.

Let them know that all their ideas and elements will be incorporated into the finished design.

Roo's Little Cake Parlour ...

Oh dear this happened to me, a lovely, very keen customer who is always enthuses and gets excited before she gets one of my cakes. However, like you, my cakes only come together at the end. It got a bit much when I was being bombarded with texts for updates, my son suggested that I take a photo of the butter, sugar, flour etc and say there you are. Good luck xx

DebsDuckCakes ...

Thanks MsGF, I feel this way so it’s good to hear it from you too. This is the first demanding customer I’ve had, but probably not the last! I like your son’s idea Roo! I’m already being bombarded with so many instructions and it’s not even required til next month! ! And thanks Bev appreciate all the advice. Thanks everyone for helping me out x

Pamela's Creative Cakes ...

Maybe if you tell them that you will have to charge them a minimum of 1/2 hour every time they contact you ( like a lawyer) and more if you need to stop and take pictures as the quote that you gave them did not include this extra time involved they may change their mind about “needing” those updates ;)

DebsDuckCakes ...

Good advice Pamela, I like it. Thanks x