Sugar Diary by Sugar Shey #4: 10 Caking Things I have Learned (the hard way) !

Dear Sugar Diary,

There are things you don’t know when you get into caking. Things no one can prepare you for. So I have put together a list of the top 10 things I have learned the HARD way since I began caking……

1) Everyone is NOT going to be nice to you. Not everyone will like your cakes…and not everyone will have something nice to say. And it will get you down…it will fester for a while and hurt your feelings…You will need to grow a tough skin and do what you do…because in the end there is more friendly ju-ju out there than negative….use the negativity as creative fuel.

2) Not every recipe you bake will turn out brilliantly. And it isn’t always your fault. Sometimes weather…ovens…geography…mood….and ingredients conspire against us….and sometimes it IS our own mistake….don’t let one botched cake drag you down…it isn’t the end of the world…it’s experience…next time that cake will turn out delicious and you will be a better baker for it.;)

3) Don’t try to be a caking super hero. Trying to do more orders than you can handle will only reflect in your work….if you can handle 5 cakes in a weekend then fine ….but if you can handle 1 …that’s fine too! Your clients are after quality …so quantity isn’t really important.

4) Don’t compare yourself to other bakers/decorators. You are YOU…and what YOU have to offer and what you bring to a project is YOURS and unique and amazing. Sure we get inspired by our peers and their work….but if you are trying to “compete” your going about it all wrong and should re-evaluate your priorities.

5) Be honest about your skill level and abilities. Don’t try something NEW on a real project …a real order…..leave the NEW stuff for practicing at home when you have the time….

6) It’s OK to spend time on caking …its ok to set time aside to practice…but don’t forget that you have a life OUTSIDE of cakes too….so while you have projects…make sure you set some break time in there for your family … your pet….and your friends…or you will be one lonely caker.

7) Remember that your non-caking friends don’t get your passion as much as your caking buddies do. Try not to bore them with cake talk….I get that we have a million things running through our minds…ideas we want to try out…but if it is ALL you talk about people stop listening…..

8) If your not in a caking mood…if the vibe isn’t there on any given day…don’t try out that “THING” you’ve been wanting to try…because if the mood is off you are only going to be frustrated …. so cake when your in your caking mood…=)

9)Saying No to an order is OK….you don’t have to take every single order that comes your way. You may not have the time…or are already booked. Let your client know…tell them in a nice way that while you appreciate the inquiry you are unable to accept at this time and hope they keep you in mind for next time. I promise people won’t hate you for that…they actually appreciate your honesty.

10) Have fun. In baking patience is a requirement….almost a law. Breath and remember to have fun…after all when you decided to be a caker….the “fun” aspect of playing with buttercream and fondant is what pulled you in. If it isn’t fun anymore then something is wrong …. find out what is wrong and fix it. Cakes are meant to be fun…=)

I hope this helps a little if you are experiencing any of these things…..we are human….and I really believe that projects should be fun and satisfying…NOT frustrating. Happy Caking !!

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Becky Pendergraft ...

I really love everything you have to say here and couldn’t agree more!! Thanks so much for sharing! :o)

Shey Jimenez ...

No prob! My blog is also on Blogger…I have more entries there but I will start to transfer them over here! =)

Michal Bulla ...

I said it before, but it fits well for every small business. I have to agree with what you said. Thanks for posting ;)

Shey Jimenez ...

Thank You Michal! =)