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Cynthia Golpe

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Grew up in a bakery business since I was 3 in the Philippines? Volunteered for USAID helping bakeries in Russia, Central Asia and some parts of Europe since year 2000. I am married with a truly smart husband who works for Microsoft and who truly supports what I do, and I have 4 trophies who help me around in the business as well. I used to design jewelry and clothing, now I design cakes. I have a small quaint little shop in Snoqualmie where I spend almost every waking hour of my time. I used to be a home maker when we came back to the US... I stayed at home, shopped, socialized... now, it seems like I no longer have a social life! Hahahaha! But I love what I do and I know I am far from being truly amazing at decorating. Everyday I hope to learn more techniques and grab new ideas. I love to make my customers happy. Seeing the smiles on their faces make every second I spend at that shop worth it! I hope everyone here can help me keep that fire burning!

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