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Edible Feather Tutorial

This has been one of the most popular tutorials on my blog, so I thought I would share with my CD friends! My friend Kimberly told me a while about that she had made peacock feathers using wafer paper. I was intrigued, so I immediately...

Easy Buttercream Ruffles

Ruffles are everywhere these days, and recently I had a bride want ruffles on her wedding cake. But not fondant ruffles – Oh no, she wanted butter cream ruffles. So I took a few hours to figure them out and I documented the process. Let’s...

Easy Monogram Template Tutorial

Monograms have been a big trend with wedding cakes now for a couple of years. I do at least one or two monograms a month. I have several different methods I use, but this will be my new “easy monogram” method. And I must confess that I been...

Smooth Buttercream Tutorial with Recipe

This is the most popular post on my blog, and the most viewed video on my YouTube channel, because it’s something we all have struggled with. In this video tutorial, I will show you my method for getting my cakes ice-rink smooth. And as an...

Diamond Buttercream Quilting Technique

I posted this to my blog this morning, but I wasn’t sure if I could share videos on here or not. In this video, I present the method I use to get a diamond / harlequin effect on my buttercream cakes. Hope you enjoy!