Comment Ivory and Blue Wedding Cake

tortacouture ...

Hey Judit,

I used fondant with some tylose added, but you can just use straight fondant, I only added tylose because I was short on time and needed them to firm up quicker. Basically, if you have time, just use fondant, cut the strip out and leave it for ages until it’s firm enough to lift without stretching but don’t leave it so long that it breaks when you pick it up because it’s too dry – I left mines (which had been mixed with tylose) for about 3 hours and it was just perfect for working with.
Then what I do is use something as a guide i.e. a ribbon or a piece of parchment cut to the right height that can be wrapped around the cake. I then use that as a guide to attach my fondant ribbon.
The silver I have only ever painted on once it’s on the cake, but I need to try painting them first and letting it dry and then applying – the only issue I can foresee is when you are trying to attach it to the cake finger prints might be an issue or even worse…….flaking!! Flaking is a nightmare if you are working with dark fondant. Anyway I have my husband who used to be a sign writer and has the steadiest hand out of the two of us, do the painting! lol.