Comment Interview #16: Karen Portaleo

Calli Creations ...

Rae & Karen… what a delightful and inspirational read!!! I was chucking the whole way though…cake dreams and all !!!!!

Karen you have been an inspiration to me for as far back as I can remember… as a previous artist myself, I recognise the humour and dry wit one has to use when creating… I relate totally to your last minute inspiration and never doing drawings, and that part was SO GOOD to hear as I work from my head and hope the design unfolds as I create.. last minute is what I was trained to do as a commercial artist with deadlines always in place…

My Dresden tools goes everywhere with me.. it is the most used and versatile tool in my box of goodies.

I look forwards to your book.. that will really be something to watch out for from mere cake mortals such as myself… and of course your video will be a total top seller !!!!

I was also heartened to hear about buildings and vehicles, I avoid them like the plague as cannot get inspired about them at all, but admire a few I have seen, who undoubtedly have a gift for them… how liberating for you to be able to select and create what you want to do, and what you do for charities in the different regions is astounding and highly commendable!!

I always find it so interesting to hear how people’s path start at a point far removed from cakes ,,,, and then viola…. the transformation appears!!! …you are an inspiration to us all and I personally felt honoured to have read this brief glimpse into your colourful life..

thank you so much and look forwards to seeing more of your inspirational, dynamic creations…. you are an ICON and a beautiful one too… both inside and out!!!