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I am from Salta Argentina and currently located in New York . Graduated in my country as a pastry chef and become a professional cake designer working for renowned professionals of the culinary arts in America . All this experience inspired me to start my own business ,Chiki New York .In november of 2015 I participated in my first solo competition at the Jacob Javier's center ,receiving a gold medal for the best wedding cake . I am currently making custom cakes and open to new opportunities such as teaching in the near future .



Kokoro Cakes by Kyoko Grussu ...

Hola! ! Me fascinó tu Britto inspired cake!!! Bienvenida a Cakes Decor, tienes una nueva seguidora 😀💜💜💜
Kyoko x

Eliana Morales ...

Hola Kyoko ! que alegria me da recibir tu mensaje de bienvenida a esta comunidad que ya estoy disfrutando . esta pagina es un nuevo mundo para mi ya que por lo general comparto mis trabajos en la pagina de chiki new york de facebook , asi que estoy lista para comenzar a explorarlo y compartir :)

Eliana X

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Hi Eliana! My eldest daughter’s name is Eliana:) My mother is from Chile and spent some time in Argentina as well! So glad to see you here and looking forward to seeing more of your work!! xxTatiana

Eliana Morales ...

Hi Tatiana ! Thank you very much for your message 😊 I already started to love this community of fabulous sugar artist from all over the world!! So many things to share and talk . I visited Santiago de Chile long time a ago and I had so much fun , please say hi to Eliana 😁 And let’s keep in touch !
Muchas gracias por visitar mi pagina en Facebook

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Hi Eliana, love to see more from your work! New follower 😊