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Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Since I was young, that i belong to the world of arts and fantasy. When I was little, loved to draw, paint, model ... was mass patties or clay, pen, brush or pencil ... loved turning of nowhere, beautiful things.
Later, this passion for drawing and color has led me to study art and go through the world of architecture. During this period I developed an aesthetic and spatial today as Pastry & Cake Designer helps me to turn ideas in exemplary embodiments full of flavors.
Driven by the desire to learn to balance flavor, beauty and imagination, last year, i attended the course of Pastry and Bakery at pastry school in Lisbon and make a stage in five star hotel in Cascais.
The desire and demand of beautiful things and aesthetically harmonious, are critical factors in making each cake I make.
Each piece is born, expresses and makes my way of being and are always new and with a permanent desire to grow, before this great sweet world, which is the Confectionery and Pastry Arts. by Susana Silva