Corset and Tutu

This cake was for a 21st celebration. The birthday girl was planning to wear a bright green tutu to her party, which is where my idea of a corset and tutu decoration derived from. The celebrants mum, insisted it had a ‘drunk barbie’ theme. She supplied the dolls and wanted them specifically positioned on the cake. I was a little put off, as i despise placing anything plastic on my cake. None the less, i agreed to decorate, but i took most of my pictures without the barbies.

Ania from 'Red Polka-Dot Designs' xo


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Goreti ...

so pretty

Cakemummy ...

  1. Love it, is that pile of sprinkles meant to be vomit! haha what was the mum thinking!
    Job well done! :-)


Im not sure what was on her mind at the time, but she gave me the dolls already in their positions, as she wanted them on the cake. Originally i wasnt even going to take a pic after i placed the dolls on, but then thought she would probably want to see the final finish pic on Fbk. It is definitely not my cup of tea, but hey, you try to please everyone lol…..and yes sprinkles are vomit (mums idea!) ;-)

Mardie Makes Cakes ...

Groovy :D

jchuck ...

Like it….

curiAUSSIEtycakes ...

Great job and although I am not against plastic things on my cakes these definitely would not have pleased me either.

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Well…I love the cake!!! Great job!!! xxx


Corset and Tutu