Tulip Wedding Cake, my first cake disaster

I have only just started my cake business and this was my first ever commissioned wedding cake and my first ever disaster! I must have spent 40hrs or more on this cake I wanted it to be perfect, after all it was the cake that was going to launch my career as a cake artist! So I thought anyway… the parents of the groom took possession of the cake the day before the wedding ( like everyone they were on a budget and didn’t want additional delivery costs) to transport it the wedding the following day. I was having dinner with my family feeling quite proud of myself, (I had also managed a birthday cake that day as well.) When I got a phone call from the brides mother to say there had been an accident, could I help in any way! In their hast to get it out of the heat it had been dropped. My jaw hit the floor, I wanted to cry…I can only imagine how the bride was feeling! I got them to send me a pic and told them if they could get what was left back to me I would do the best I could in the short amount of time that I had to work with. Needless to say I didn’t sleep that night and they didn’t quite end up with a cake that was quite as stunning as the original but I do think I managed to do a pretty good job considering the circumstances. The bride said that she was happy,and was so thankful that I was even willing to try. What she ended up with was actually one of the designs she had liked from the start. Some things are ment to be I guess!

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Michal Bulla ...

Very nice, good job ;)

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Tulip Wedding Cake, my first cake disaster