Ariel the little Mermaid

Fondant mix with gum paste, for body, face and hair. Tail is a sculpted styrofoam covered with fondant then fondant cut-outs are carfully arranged and glued on with sugar gum. At first I wanted to put the scales here and there randomly. But in the end i decided to scale up the whole tail with 7 tones of turquoise blue using 3 different sizes of round cutters. Tail fins were done in gum paste, but as it was very humid and raining for the last 2 days, I did not have enough time to dry them. It was very tough to attatch them to the tail, ended up destroying part of the scales on the tip of the tail, so I had to cover it up with extra gum paste. The whole project was very rush, as I only had 1 day to do this whole figure. Could have done better if I had another extra day. I will post the whole cake shots in another submission.

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Michal Bulla ...

Well done!

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Lovely. :o)

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Ariel the little Mermaid