Hand Painted Cupcake Toppers

Along with a recent birthday cake that I did, (cement mixer themed cake) I was asked to also provide some cupcakes for ladies with dietary restrictions….one lady is celiac the other uses no refined sugars, sucralose or asparteame, after a gastric bypass. Instead of making separate cupcakes for each dietary concern I decide to make one recipe that covered BOTH conditions. We decided on pumpkin spice cupcakes made using almond flour and honey and fresh pureed pumpkin. It was also requested that I make the cupcakes look pretty of course no candy sprinkles or sugars etc. I decided upon hand painted floral fondant cupcake toppers being as both ladies were avid gardeners…AND prior to consuming the cupcakes the fondant topper could be peeled off the top of the cupcake to retain the “processed sugar free” cupcakes.

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Michal Bulla ...

so beautiful ;)

Sherry Webb ...

Thank you…was the first time I tried this technique and learning as I go.

Goreti ...

so lovely!

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Hand Painted Cupcake Toppers