A cake with flowers

When making the cake I am not really confident with the design however when I saw the smile on my friend’s face and that she likes it a lot, yahoo!! what a relief :)

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Deborah ...

love the big flower , how did you make it?

Charina ...

Hi Deb, thanks a lot. I’m self taught as well like you. Wow you have beautiful cakes ;) I started only last year so have a lot of learning to do ;) I’m new to this page as well and I am enjoying.

Well for the flower, I did use the rose cutter of different sizes. For each rose, I overlap each petal and slightly turn each petal also just to have a different look ;). Then I placed it on top of each other and place it in a small bowl to dry. The bowl has flour on it so not to stick. I hope I made sense.

Take care

Michal Bulla ...

Great colors ;)

Charina ...

Thanks Michal ;)

Charina ...

Thanks a lot - Cakes! by Maria and Pam

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A cake with flowers