louis vuitton purse

Daily Top 3 - Mar 10, 2012

my louis vuitton purse that I made for my moms birthday with a solid chocolate champagne bottle and personalized label. This cake was inspired by Sharon Z.!!!!!

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Loren Ebert ...

Well done! Love your peonies! Sharon would be proud!!

Virginia ...

aww thank you Loren!!! that was my first time making peonies and I think I found a new love in flower making! haha

Rita's Cakes ...

I love this cake! How did you do the lv print?

Virginia ...

thanks!! i did it with a stencil and buttercream!!!

Michal Bulla ...

Very nice cake ;)

Virginia ...

thank you michal!!!

Sonya ...

I love this!

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louis vuitton purse