Chili Cook Off Cake

4 layer spice cake with buttercream icing covered in fondant. Fondant “food”. Gum paste handles. I made this cake for a Chili Cook Off at my husband’s work. Someone thought it was an actual bowl of chili and took a spoonful (Picture above)! Greatest compliment ever!

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Amanda, Mimi's Sweet Shoppe,


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Michal Bulla ...

Good looks great ;)

Amanda ...

Thank you Michal! This cake was so much fun to make!

SarahBeth3 ...

Ha ha! That’s great! Like you said, quite a compliment. Good job.

Amanda ...

Thank you SarahBeth3! : )

Melissa ...

Wow! Looks awesome.

MissasMasterpieces ...

Love it

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Chili Cook Off Cake