My Daughters Baby Shower Cake

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Ok…. Where do I start describing the most horrendous cake decorating experience…. EVER!! I actually balled my eyes out last night. Pushed the cake away & said… leave it till morning, fresh eyes, clear head. I have had a migraine from this past Sunday until yesterday. But no worries I said, gumpaste elements, fondant all made ahead. Well we had a huge jump in temperature…. almost 80 degrees yesterday.. This is suppose to be Fall.. Cool weather, easier to decorate, right? Well both my fondants, homemade, which have never failed me, were soft almost gummy. Not sure if this was temperature related, as they were fine when made. Cakes were taken out of freezer, I torted, and just couldn’t seem to get the top even, even with addition of cake spackle. Bottom cake fell apart when torting. Fixed up with more cake spackle. So I cover chocolate cake with fondant, having to re-roll the chocolate fondant 3 TIMES!! I get it on and doesn’t look too bad. Ice the bottom cake, a bit sloped on the sides…but do my best. Leave for a couple hours to set. Come back…..Chocolate fondant has sagged, creates a crevice in the middle….. Hence all the “fondant buttons” that weren’t part of the plan. Icing had sagged… Hence again plan “B”… shabby chic icing. I had already attached my billow weave, so I had to take a big breath & plunk my cake on the iced bottom layer. I was stressed & exhausted by now. This is when I had the melt down & said, time to go to bed. Normally I crumb coat cakes, decorate next day…. Too much to do, so didn’t have the luxury. So this AM, lustre dust buttons, billow weave etc. Put on my topper… sat way too high. Gee, like I expected smooth sailing Squirted in some Royal icing, pushed in some fondant, let set. Attach ruffle. Almost done. Whew… attach the Owl… his bow tie AND his ears breaks off!!! Stick tie back on….. make button ears to match theme. Realize….crap this cake is heavy…. should have used a sturdier board. So large wooden circle underneath with wrapping paper to be used for Sam’s gift. Thank goodness had both on hand. Oh, and you can’t tell from the picture, but cake is leaning towards the back…. even with all the dowels in place. Even with all the difficulties, I want to thank Susan Trianos for her invention and tutorial on the Billow Weave technique, which I used on my cake.
I am sure I have missed some calamities…. But just too darn tired at this point. I am brain dead…… Off to pick up food ordered for the shower….. Thanks for reading my “Tale of Woe”. :o(

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Lisa Salerno ...

I think you did a great job considering the cake gods were against you that day and I’m sure everyone loved eating your creation xx

Elli Warren ...

You poor thing!! am not surprised you were so stressed!! but your end result looks lovely and i agree with Lisa, you did a great job and everyone will love it!! :-)

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Thanks Lisa & Elli. It came from the heart…. think my daughter will know that…. :o)

Goreti ...

Your daughter will love it. She knows the love you put into it. Hugs

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ ...

It may not have been what you envisioned exactly, but it’s a darned good attempt and it exudes love! I’m sure your daughter appreciated the time and effort you put in. I love your gumpaste pieces – especially the rattle – extremely well done. If the elements were in your favour it would not have said “love” anymore than this.

Sweet Janis ...

Your daughter will appreciate the time and love you put in, the end result is lovely :-)Xx

CakesbySasi ...

Oh you poor thing, you certainly have been jinxed by the cake fairy with this one but in the end it has come out really lovely and your love for your daughter shows through and the main thing is you never gave up and you finished it. The Owl, the rattle all look so gorgeous :-)XXxxxxx….

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Thank you Goreti, Violet Cakes, Sweet Janis & CakesbySasi for your kind words. Very much appreciated… :o)

Karen's Kakery ...

Woiw!! bless you, this was the cake from hell…….but didn’t you do a good job in the end xx Love the Owl, it reminds me of something from my childhood, but I can’t remember which program it was on xx

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Thanks Karen…. but think you meant to say….. DID do a good job in the end… hee hee.
Funny thing about the Owl. I made it long before the invites were sent out. I didn’t do the invites, daughters sis-in-law did. They had Owls on them…. Nice coincidence… :o)

Made by M ...

Oh jchuck I just had a good laugh reading your cake story!! It seemed I was reading one of my cake episodes :o))
We just have those days when everything seems to go wrong, don’t we?
My husband was asking me the other day: “Have you ever had a cake where everything turned out as you planned and you didn’t have to improvise?”
The answer? “NO!” I guess what’s important at the end of the day is that our cake pleases the client/family and that sure must have happened in your case! I know I like it!! xxx

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

Oh Miss M.. way past your bed time….. :o). Thanks for your input.
My daughter flew in from another province day before the shower. When she saw her cake, she threw her arms around me and said.. “It’s Fabulous Mom”. Well that made my day and made everything worth it. Cake went over very well at the shower. Never did post the cake flavors. Top was family recipe chocolate cake with Skor bits & caramel in the middle & bottom tier, carrot cake. There was only a small piece of carrot cake left to bring home to hubby & son. So that made me happy cake was enjoyed. Like you said, best part that cake was enjoyed. Cake has to taste good besides being pleasing to the eye.

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My Daughters Baby Shower Cake