Wedding Party

A quick update to this post now that I have photos of the topper on the cake and with the cupcakes!
Transporting it to the venue was a real challenge – the humidity and bumpy road were against me and Liam took a tumble. The eagle eyed amongst you may just be able to make out the bamboo skewer and royal icing that held him up through the reception. Thank you to the lovely bride and groom for your understanding and wishing you every happiness!

I love baking and of course am asked to make many novelty and birthday/celebration cakes.

But I find modelling people SO difficult and would love some tips/lessons/advice/information – any help on offer please!

I am happy with this little family but it took me so long and I feel there must be ways of making the models that stops the fondant from cracking and limbs from dropping off?!

I have a box of discarded bits and bobs here (find it so hard to through away a head or even an unwanted leg!) and the groom’s right arm is held on with edible glue, royal icing, and strips of black fondant hidden under his buttonhole!

If you have any advice please leave a message in the comments – I would be SO grateful – thank you!


Linda, Croxley Green


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Goreti ...

I think you did a wonderful job. I, too, struggle with modeling especially the face. I think it is just a matter of practicing and also finding a style that suits you. I have many different tutorials and each one is slightly different method and a different look. Just find what works for you & go with it. Great job!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

First of all Linda, this is an amazing display! It must have taken you forever to make all of the toppers for the cupcakes as well as the gorgeous family topper! I’m sorry that I can’t give you any advice as I have only made two figures so far, and each of them has taken me way longer than they should have. I see no flaws in your adorable family! LOVE it!

Linda Anderson ...

Thank you both so much! I have found a tutorial on Craftsy, and I am considering whether to purchase it. I wonder if pre-made gumpaste might be easier to work with than sugarpaste to which I add CMC?
The bride and groom visited me today with flowers, hugs and huge thank yous – I was totally overwhelmed!
Thank you again! x

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Wedding Party