Peppa Pig at the seaside

Peppa Pig at the seaside giant cupcake

Buttercups by Bezmerelda:


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Clairella Cakes ...

love this – great details & great design! Well done x

Laura Loukaides ...

I have to add this to my favorites, it’s just so so good!!
I love how you did this, the design is so clean and the colours are perfect!!
Amazing job, this needs to be in the top 3!! Xx

Laura Loukaides ...

Awh!! and look at the little sandcastle!!
Ah, Love it, Great job!! Xx

Bezmerelda ...

Thank you! I had so much fun making this :) I get asked for Peppa Pig cakes all the time and I like to come up with a different scenery every time! xx

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Peppa Pig at the seaside