Blue Moth Orchid Wedding Cake

My first wedding cake! Stressful experience and I am not 100% happy with it, but so happy to have the first one under my belt This was made for two friends who recently married. Handmade sugar moth orchids, leaves, and bamboo. The orchids were dusted blue to match the color of the attendant dresses. Bamboo border was made using a mold. Pictures courtesy of Mark Aronica Photography.

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Goreti ...

It is so lovely! Why in the world would you not be “so happy” with it? I am sure the couple loved it!

Kassie Smith ...

Very Beautiful, Congratulations on a wonderful first wedding cake!!

Laura Loukaides ...

Your first wedding cake!!
This is amazing, love, love, love this!! Xx

Karen Seeley ...

Great job! It’s gorgeous!!

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Blue Moth Orchid Wedding Cake