Louis Vuitton bag cake

My first handbag cake for a young lady who couldn’t decide between Louis Vuitton and Tiffany so she got both! All edible apart from handles, these have plastic tubing to support them.

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Susana ...

Great job!

Laura Loukaides ...

Ah love it!!
Amazing cake!! Xx

Lolobo72 ...

Thank you Laura x

Pat ...

I think this is GORGEOUS. Would love to try one but have no idea how to do the lettering. Can you give me any help. I want to try making cakes for friends and family. This would be be my first ever. Would. love to make A LV one for my grand daughters 15th birthday August 4’. You did a super job thanks for sharing your talent.

Pat ...

WOW JUST noticed the bracelet amazing. Again Thanks for sharing Your great.

June/"Clarky's Cakes" ...

Wow…… great cake. Braclet is amazing. :o )

Lolobo72 ...

Hi Pat
Thanks for your lovely comments. For the cake I made a large sheet cake and cut it into 4 which i then stacked, this gave me the height I needed, I made a template of the shape I wanted and used this as a guide for carving. Once I had the shape, I butter creamed the cake and covered in fondant. I made a stencil for the logos, I used a sponge to apply the gold colour. The handles are plastic tubing wrapped in fondant – this provides the support for them to stand up. Hope this helps, good luck!

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Louis Vuitton bag cake