Sarah's Room - Sweet Thirteen

Who am I? Quite simply, a lawyer who loves to bake! Baking and cake decorating is therapeutic and destressing…

This is my latest work – Sarah’s Room – Sweet Thirteen. This theme is the most difficult order so far! Thank you boss, Pn Suhara, for this order. I hope the birthday girl is happy with her cake! Happy 13th Birthday Sarah!

Task at hand: To convert the birthday girl’s bedroom into an edible centre piece. Pn Suhara has graciously provided the photo of the actual bedroom as below.

Initial Discussion: Granted permission to modify and tweak the existing arrangement in the bedroom. I regard this as a home improvement programme. Hehe.. These are the items I think can be translated into The Cake -

•Flooring – Beige tiles – CHECK – Tiling of floors. Mixing of colours and assembling the tiles, tile by tile, piece by piece, painstakingly. 3 hours’ worth of work. Guess this is how people do actual tiling in real life!
•Rug – Pink – CHECK – Pink rug created and to match the actual rug, two toned colours used with a dusting of edible pearl luster powder.
•Bed – Pink with beech coloured frame – CHECK – Note: A change of bedsheets and bedframe
•One (1) Lotso Bear on Bed – CHECK
•One (1) Camel on Bed – CHECK
•Two (2) Cats on Bed – Grey + Brown – CHECK
•Bedside table – Brown – CHECK – Note: Considering to change the table into a small side dresser to support table lamp
•Table lamp – CHECK
•Clothes basket on floor – Deep pink – CHECK
•Girl in Pyjamas – CHECK

Dearest mum also requested that a laptop or tab should be present and some balloons indicating the birthday girl’s 13th year birthday.

More of the cake at

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Michal Bulla ...

Don’t worry, you are not the only person here who makes cakes as a “therapy” :)
Anyway…very nice cake, well done!

Li Lian ...

Thanks Michal!

Susana ...

Very nice!

Goreti ...

Cake is so cute! I’m sure the birthday girl loved it.

Li Lian ...

Thanks Analaria1 and Goreti!

Yes, the birthday girl absolutely loved it! Her mum said she sat with the cake and stared at it forever, refusing to allow anyone near it and reluctant to have the cake cut until everyone protested.. Haha.. This made my day today (unlike work)..

Elli Warren ...

Lovely cake! so sweet and pretty! :-)

Li Lian ...

Thank you elli!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Gorgeous Cake Lilian!!! Welcome to CakesDecor!!!! xxx

Li Lian ...

Thank you for the warm welcome AnaRemigio! I am so glad of CakesDecor.. Everyone’s cakes are sooooo beautiful and it is so encouraging to just be here…

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Sarah's Room - Sweet Thirteen