Hellboy Cake

This is the Hellboy cake I made for my first cake show, That Takes the Cake, in Austin, 2011. The theme that year was comic book super heroes and villains. I love Hellboy and tried to combine the comic book shape with the movie look and didn’t quite work out in the shoulder area. Stuck with Ron Perlman’s face because I just love him.

The bust was rice cereal treats and the rest was cake, all covered in marshmallow fondant. Was really winging it as I’d only been making cakes for about 6 months so I was happy that I even had a finished cake to enter! Didn’t own an airbrush and underestimated the time so ended up hand painting it in the back of a borrowed minivan while on the road in the middle of the night while my husband drove us down to Austin to get there in time for set-up.

You can see his head started falling off, lol. Poor Hellboy. I decided to go big and enter the Showcake division and I actually placed in the top 10 with an 8th place finish! Did NOT expect that. There were so many amazing cakes!!! All in all I learned a lot and it was a great experience. All we took home was the base and his head. Brought his head to a friend’s place for a gathering and we proceeded to devour it. Hellboy’s head was really yummy!

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Michal Bulla ...

Great job!

Tami Chitwood ...

Thank you! :)

Jenniffer White ...

Wow, that’s amazing Tami!

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Hellboy Cake