For my daugther 13th birthday

I didn’t had the time that i wanted to make this cake!
Two aunts died in one week,our little dog was sick after a operation and my sweet Senna’s birthday :-(
She wanted a high heel and i never made one,i did this one in 3 hours because i ran out off time and i know the shoe need time to dry!
So i made the cake in the time between al kind of things but, Senna liked her cake very much and that’s the most important thing!

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greetings Daantje


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Toni (White Crafty Cakes) ...

Oh my goodness Daantje, this cake is absolutely STUNNING! I only wish I could make a cake this gorgeous on a limited amount of time!

Daantje ...

Thank you Toni thats sweet :-)

Goreti ...

What’s not to like? It is gorgeous! I’m sure your daughter appreciated it especially after everything that was happening.

Daantje ...

Thank you Goreti!
She was very happy with her cake :-)

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal ...

Daantje…my condolences. Hope the dog is better!!
Now, the cake is BEAUTIFUL!!! You did an amazing job!! Why aren´t you happy with it??? Of course Senna Love it, It´s Gorgeous!!! We are so hard with ourselves!!! xxx

Daantje ...

Thank you Ana for The sweet words!
I do like the cake but for the first tier i had somerhing else in mind! :)
And you are totally right we are sometimes too hard for ourselves

Angela, SugarSweetCakes&Treats ...

even through all of it, you pulled off a gorgeous cake. It’s beautiful!

Ciccio ...

Beautiful I bet your daughter loved it

Daantje ...

Thank you Angela and Jo!

Carla ...

Daan gosh what a hassle all, but your cake is really great again and then that shoe, I understand that your daughter um was super and I hope everything is well with the dog.
sweet greetings

Tea Party Cakes ...


miettes ...

Daantje, your daughter’s cake is just perfect! I am sure she loved it!
Sorry to hear about your loss and your sick dog!

Daantje ...

Thank you Naomi !
Thank you so much Carla and Dina for The sweet words xx

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For my daugther 13th birthday